Frequently Asked Questions

My child really loves playing with Cookie Kiddle, and so do my friends' children? Will you be updating your vocabulary list so that my child can continue to learn new words?

Absolutely. We are already working on vocabulary expansion packs on App Store to be purchased separately. Please follow us on Facebook to get the most up-to-date news about this.

How can I make suggestions to the Cookie Kiddle team?

We definitely value your comments and suggestions. Please send us an email to

What type of iPads does Cookie Kiddle work on?

Cookie Kiddle works on models after iPad 4 (2012). This includes any iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro released afterwards, with the exception of iPad Pro Gen 1 (2015) unfortunately.

What type of Android tablets does Cookie Kiddle work on?

Cookie Kiddle has currently been tested on the following Android devices, running Android 5.0 or above:
- Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
- Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
- Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
- Samsung Galaxy Tab A
- Samsung Galaxy View
- Huawei MediaPad M6
- Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab ZA3V0029HK * Not compatible with Samung Tablets equipped with S-Pen due to palm rejection software feature Additionally, our team is working hard on testing and supporting additional Android models. Send us a message if there's a device you would like Cookie Kiddle to be supported on!

Why can't I install and play on my iPhone?

We the Cookie Kiddle team wants to give the user (i.e. you!) the optimal user experience using our learning cube. With such a small screen, the iPhone is frankly not optimal to bring out the best in cognitive, sensory learning.

What is your return policy?

We take great care in each cube that we deliver to customers to ensure that each cube is in top shape before sending off to the shippers. In the rare case that you receive a damaged cube, please write to us at and our support team will help you with a replacement.

When I played with the cube, it feels like magic. What kind of sorcery is contained in the cube?

Ok it will get rather technical here. In a nutshell, we license this cool technology, called Electric Field Messaging (EFM), from Kazoo Technology, that uses engineering principles to transmit an identity from the surface of the cube onto the touchscreen of your iPad. The app then can recognize the letter you are stamping onto the tablet, as well as the position and orientation of the cube on the touchscreen itself.